I bet you won't notice how a week will fly by!
In the village you can find peace and zero events, and if you wish – various activities and excursions from locals that can not be found through Airbnb.
Malyi Turish and surroundings
Admiring the viaducts
Century-old viaducts are real engineer monuments - grand and impressive. Ryabinovka, Saraninsky plant, Puddling, Black River and the Long Bridge tract.
Cooking manty
(Tatar dumplings)
No holiday can do without them, and every family has its own recipe. Together with Grandma Galia, we will prepare the juiciest manty in your life.
Trekking the mountain
Spectacular view and history of Nizhneirginsky village. Here the first samovar was made and there is an operating hydroelectric power station!
Museums in the surroundings
Zemstvo Hospital
Immerse yourself in 100-year-old medicine, visit the pharmacy garden and listen to stories about the chief doctor Miserov Matvey Ivanovich.
Local History Museum
Krasnoufimsky Lore Museum will tell you about the inhabitants of the Perm Sea. You can download the audio guide of the museum on Izitravel.
Saraninsky Museum
This modest museum will tell about the rich history of Sarana – once a prosperous village with the Demidov iron plants.
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