Tour to apiary
Take a look at the hive and learn exciting secrets
from the life of bees
A famous fact from bee life is that they have matriarchy and severe discipline in the family. But did you know that a bee's age during the summer is 30-40 days? Or that drones (bee-males) don't have a sting and they live for a dance with a bee-queen?

Take a look at the hive
Where is honey stored? Where do bees come from? Where is propolis, and where is perga?
Find a secret place of a beekeeper
Real beekeepers know not only secrets of honey produce but also other magic recipes.
Where do bees get honey from?
Find out which flower bouquet prevails in our honey, take a look at the fields of esparcet and phacelia.
Is it safe?
We go to the apiary in full gear – a beekeeping suit, gloves and high boots.
How long is the tour?
Usually about an hour, but if you like to ask questions, it may take longer.
Is it possible to come to the apiary on my own without a tour?
We do not recommend it – we have quite ferocious bees and without appropriate gear and instruction, the walk can end sadly, although they say that bee venom is useful.
How much does it cost?
500 rubles per person, payment by card or cash.
Are there any restrictions?
We will be forced to refuse to visit the apiary for the sake of your own safety for the following reasons:
  • A strong smell of perfume.
  • The smell of alcohol/ alcohol intoxication.
  • Allergy to bee venom.
Book your tour
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