Supboarding in Sarana
Active, Safe and Unforgettable
Sarana is a former mining settlement with rich history, it lies in between Ufa river and Nizhnesaranisky Pond. The pond is artificial, previously it was a hydroelectric power station and brought water to iron making plant. But now nature rains there - tranquility, peace, and wild swans.
Enjoy Landscapes
Ural hills, century old fur-trees, wild swans and cranes.
Stress on Pause
Water brings peace, silence and water splashing are the best meditation.
Couple of hours brings pleasant fatigue to your body and will train the vestibular system.
Price for supboard rent
Affordable and safe water activity
Supboard rent
  • Board, paddle
  • Life jacket
  • Bottle of water
Rub/per hour
Tour with a guide
we will tell about Sarana village and surroundings, reveal local legends
Rub/per hour
Photo and video with quadcopter
2 minutes video about your sapboard trip
Hedonist's Basket
  • 2 glasses of sparkling wine
  • Seasonal berries
  • 2 pies
Book your tour
If you are interested to book supboards, please, share your email and we will get back to you with price and details in April 2022
Our Benefits
We have foreseen many things for your best experience
One can hardly harm on the open water such as pond, life jackets are provided
Kids friendly
Become a captain of family flotilla
Safe instructions
We explain all basic rules to stay and feel safe on water.
Quality photos and video with quadcopter
We will make great video about your water journey
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