The village is located in the middle between two airports – Yekaterinburg and Perm. From the airport it will be necessary to travel 230 km by car – you can rent a car or order a transfer from us.
Krasnoufimsk is the nearest train station. Travel time from Moscow is 22 hours. From Krasnoufimsk you can take a taxi, another 20 minutes by car and you are in Maly Turysh. The average cost of a taxi is 500 rubles.
It's easy to get to us by car, look for a Maly Turysh in the navigator. Travel time from Yekaterinburg, Perm – 3 hours, from Moscow - two days with a nightover in Kazan.
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If you want assistance with choosing tickets and planning your trip, our partner – ExploRussia will be happy to make your trip to Malyi Turysh unforgettable.

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