Let's take a walk to the neighboring Bolshoi Turysh Village and learn what fitness village style means and how people used to escape from wolves on the road. The culmination will be berry picking and a Rossini cocktail with a view of the Ural landscapes.

Let's pick strawberries
At the entrance you will be given a basket, collect any berries that you like!

Let's go to the bar
The best Rossini in the area! The secret is that the berries for the cocktail are collected right before serving.
Take a pic!
Rustic chic is not a cozy urban photo zone

How long is the tour?
Usually around 2-3 hours.
Can I buy more strawberries?
Of course, at the price of 1000 rubles per kg. Honestly, one adult easily eats 1.5 kg, we guarantee that you have never eaten such strawberries.
How much is it?
1000 rubles per person, payment by card or cash.
Book your strawberry tour
If you are interested to book the tour, please, share your email and we will get back to you with price and details in April 2022
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